Professional Real Estate Photography Will Help You Sell More Homes

The real estate industry is incredibly saturated, and it almost feels like everyone is attempting to enter the market these days. Therefore, with such a high level of competition, it is vital that you take actions to stand out from the crowd. For instance, if your house is positioned next to another similar house, you want to ensure people choose yours. Now, you may have already invested in marketing, but that simply isn’t sufficient.

With the rise of the internet in recent years; much of the real estate market has transitioned onto the web. Although this may be a great thing, it means that you’re relying on people seeing your home online as a first impression, rather than in physical form. So, to make your listing effective, it needs to have outstanding photography.

In fact, research has shown that buyers are often heavily influenced by the quality of the images. It makes sense – if a buyer can’t view the property in person, then the next best thing for them is photography. With that being said, most agents aren’t extremely busy, so will subsequently take a few pictures with a basic camera, and upload them with the listing.

This is not optimal whatsoever, as poor images can be counterproductive to your mission, which is to captivate buyers and sell them the house. An excellent way to avoid these problems is to acquire a professional photograph to capture the property in the best way possible. It all boils down to camera quality, equipment, technique, experience and angles; all of which a professional can cover expertly.

You may be thinking it’s even more investment that you’re going to have to make, but this one will earn you a whole lot more money in the long-term. Look at it like this – would you rather save your money and have a home just sitting on the market, or would you rather hire a professional photographer and sell the home quickly?

Moreover, here are three key advantages to getting a professional photographer on board:

Higher lead generation

Research has proven that listings with professional images secure a 61% increase in page views on average. This means you’ll have a significantly larger number of people looking at your listing, which can only be a good thing.

Higher lead conversion

Probability tells you that if you have a superb listing with brilliant images, and you’re having 61% more people looking at it, then you’re bound to make more sales. If people are already searching for a home, then they’re looking to buy, so you just need to give them a reason to click on your listing and it’ll convert – professional images!

Higher prices

With professional photographer, it will give the home a much better appearance, and will make it seem as beautiful as it can possibly be. That’s why research has shown that fantastic images resulted in properties selling for more money. Those around $300,000 sold for around $1,000 more, and those in excess of $1 million sold for around $115,000 more.

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